Technology Products & Services Co. (TPS) is specialized in providing equipment supply to: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical and Water Sector such as  Water & Sewage Treatment and Desalination Plants with reputable Products through representing and cooperation with well-known companies.

Water Sector

Having the accumulated experience over many years and the highly qualified team of experts in process and equipment function and design has made TPS a source of technical information and consultation for engineering consulting firms, end users, and contractors.

Oil & Gas / Petrochemical sector, environmental applications

TPS provides high technology treatment related to water used in hydraulic fracturing and the fracturing fluid returns during the process of oil and gas extraction from the wells.
During hydraulic fracturing, specially engineered fluids containing chemical additives and proppant, such as sand, are pumped under high pressure during the hydraulic fracturing activities which present concerns of potential impacts on the environment and public health.

TPS specializes to provide:

  • Fracturing Fluid Returns treatment
  • Produced Water treatment
  • Oil / Gas – Water separation
  • Skid mounted systems
  • Engineering and Services